Purus stainless steel toilets – now ever better

News | 2016-04-28
  • Purus stainless steel toilets  –  now ever better
    Purus stainless steel toilets – now ever better

The Purus stainless steel toilets V130, V131 and V135 have got a new and updated design.

This is what we have improved:

  • All models origin from the same base. Previous models, had individual design.
  • New plastic water inlet replaces the old stainless steel one. Function and installation dimensions are identical to the old version. This will improve the top surface finish as the amount of welding has been reduced. No risk for leakage from seat holes.
  • The manual welding of the seat and cone has been replaced with automatic seam welding. The advantages with seam welding compared to manual welding, is a smoother and more even surface which in the end will give a better surface finish.
  • Robotic welding of the water trap. This will improve the welding accuracy, reducing the risk for leakage.
  • In addition to these improvements, a set of new and updated assembly instructions in English and German, as well as the Nordic languages, are now available for all toilets.

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